Worm Farm Waste Systems

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AboutThe Client

A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems specialises in organic waste management processes for domestic, commercial and rural applications right across Australia.

These systems allow for the efficient converting of organic waste, sewage and waste water on site into a reusable liquid fertiliser that is distributed underground throughout your property.

A natural, biological septic system, this worm farm composting solution effectively processes sewage, all household waste water and organic garbage, including food and vegetation, as well as weeds. Combined with naturally occurring organisms, the worm liquid opens up and improves the quality of your soil – enabling you to re-use and recycle it as liquid fertiliser under your garden, lawns and bushland.


About this project

Worm Farm Waste Systems required a new website when Google announced it would only display mobile friendly websites. There was also the need to connect its online presence with their newly developed Zoho CRM account to manage leads, customers, system installations and servicing.

Project work included:

  • Social media development and connection
  • Digital branding for all media
  • Website design
  • SEO and SEM
  • Content and key search word development
  • CRM implementation, configuration and training

Worm Farm Septic Tank Systems