Vandal Covers

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AboutThe Client

TRJ Engineering began making vandal covers and safety handrails  for earth moving machinery eight years ago, when Hitachi contacted us regarding their excavators. They were looking for a local company to design and manufacture vandal covers for their equipment, and this side of our business has grown steadily since then. We now produce vandal covers,safety handrails and demolition guards for many earth moving companies including BT Equipment, CASE, Sumitomo, Kuboto, Bobcat, Komatsu, Caterpillar and Hitachi.

TRJ Engineering design and fit covers for all types of earth moving equipment: skid steers, back-hoes, graders etc. We also make smaller components such as fuel protection covers, hand rails, rear camera covers, hydraulic oil covers, light and control covers and dipstick covers. We keep a stock of vandal covers for all popular brands. We deliver to all locations across Australia.

TRJ Engineering take pride in designing and manufacturing all of our vandal covers in-house. We are a quality-endorsed company to 1S0 9001.


About this project

As a leading provider of vandal covers, safety handrails and demolition guards for earthmoving equipment, TRJ Engineering has a dedicated website which creates a firm organic SEO ranking. A simple but effective landing page adds to their overall online presence when potential customers are searching for specific items such as vandal covers.